Van Lear - Van Lear Coal Miners Museum

What is now a Coal Miners Museum, was once known as the entire town under one roof. This building was home the post office, doctors office (Dr.Turner, as well as many others), bank, Consolidation Coal Company Offices, barber shop, masonic lodge, jail, snack shop, and others throughout its time. It is now owned and run by the Van Lear Historical Society and their volunteers. Sitings in the building are numerous, no one hardley enters the building and exits without having an experience, whether it be day or night. There have been deaths in the building, and it is believed that these spirts can often be contacted. Many paranormal groups have investigated, and all have collected numerous amounts of evidence. Many apparitions have been seen, of men, women, and children. The building is 4 stories, and none of them lack any haunting. Voices can be heard throughout the building, footsteps, apparitions, shadows, cold spots, orbs, misplacement of items, eerie feelings, and so much more. This building truely is unremarkable both in history and paranormal sitings. Many pieces of evidence have been reported, such as male voices, female voices, children crying and laughing, sounds of music. Photographs have been taken and show large orbs, shadows, children playing in doorways, and much more. There is a section of the book "Ghost Hunting in Kentucky" by Patti Star that tells of some of her experiences in the building, as well as the regular volunteers. You can also visit the website, and look at a few of the photos that have been captured. You can also look us up on facebook, van lear coal miners museum and see many photos of the paranormal. Ghost tours are given at the museum, call to schedule. Paranormal Groups are also welcome, just give us a call, you wont be let down, theres never a dull moment in this building. The events and reports of hauntings are truely endless!

Van Lear, Kentucky

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