Salina - Salina Central High School

The belife it is haunted teacher.(the identity is not know) Witnesses have experienced many noises, footsteps, doors closing, banging, and lights going off and on by themselves. All the 3rd shift janitors carry boomboxes so they cannot hear the noises she makes. No one has ever seen her but everyone has had pranks played on them by her. 

This haunting was also discussed on AM 1150 radio as one of Salina's famous hauntings. - December 2003 Update/correction: this one is rather accurate but the version that The submitter of this correction/update has heard from many is that it is haunted by a girl that was the lead in a play and killed in a car accident on the way to opening night. They would hear scratching on the office windows and pounding on the ceiling and doors, while possibly caused by a spiritual presence they believe most of the noises are caused by a living presence for the place is plagued with bats that fly through the halls all through the night. - September 2004 Update: it is actually said that the girl seen is the girl that had the lead part in a play. she was to clean the red curtains in salina central high auditorium. the night of the play she was in a horrible car accident the curtains were in her hand. the curtains were return to the school and it is said she is seen at night dancing on the stage through out the curtains. but the nights of concerts she is seen backstage with a scowl face. she had long blonde hair and considered very beautiful. she was seen behind the band dancing to the music being played. slight breeze would grow through out the stage and curtains would be moved.

Salina, Kansas

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