Park City - The Backtrail

One of the ghost was murdered back in these woods several years ago. It was by her husband who had caught her in a deep love affair. Little did he now that she was pregnant. Now her soul can't rest. So she takes it out on the kids who travel this trail. The second tale of a different ghost is a strange one. Jacob was riding his bike down the trail. This trail is a pretty easy to ride on except for one spot. We know it as deadman's curve. We'll when he got to this spot he was picking up speed so he tried to slam on the brakes. But for some reason his brakes were not working. So he road his speeding death trap down the wrong path. His front tire hit a root sticking up from the ground and it sent him flying head first into a tree. His lifeless body floated down the creek never to be seen again. Some say it was the wife who killed him.

Location Approximate

Park City, Kansas

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37.8001542250124, -97.32663631439209


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