Kansas City - Sauer "castle"

Now on the historical registry. The "story" goes that the owner left his wife to go off to war during the Civil war. She received a letter toward the end of the war from him stating that he would arrive on a particular ferry and to wait for him there. 

She went down to the river to await his arrival. When the last person departed the boat, she was so distraught, thinking that he had died, she went home and "hung" herself from what is known as the houses bell tower. It is actually just a "lookout" tower. Her husband had missed his ferry and arrived on the next. When she wasn't there waiting, he went home to find her body. He, then being so grief stricken, shot himself with his revolver and died next to her. Neighbors have spoken of many noises, laughter, crying, shouting, coming from the house. Doors opening and closing. They have witnessed strange "lights" in the bell tower, and on the grounds. - There of course is no trespassing, but you can see the house clearly from the street on Shawnee Road. - Always busy at Halloween when its been said that people have seen two "shapes" dancing in the bell tower.

Kansas City, Kansas

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39.0684466440023, -94.63344097137451


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