Atchison - The Sallie House

508 2nd St. in Atchison, Kansas is claimed to be where the most haunted house in Kansas stands. It is home to over 9 confirmed ghosts, with Sallie (the ghost of a little girl) being the most famous. 

Men get violently scratched by an unseen entity. Tons of EVP's, poltergeists, and full body apparitions can also be found at this house. I personally only walked around the outside and was scratched violently. This house is the real deal, and truly should not be taken lightly. Your best bet on getting inside the house, is to go with a paranormal group with experience. The house is empty. The owner lives in Atchison, and is the former Police chief. He is always open to groups investigating the house as long as it is set up ahead of time.

Atchison, Kansas

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Location should be good!!!

39.56656020400082, -95.1150906085968


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