Topeka - Harrison Church

This church is one of the most haunted places in Kansas. This church was a normal church until one-day possessed by the Devil and is now abandoned. People say they hear screams and a little girl crying. Do not go there unless you are wanting a fright.


Update 12/07/2007:

I thought you may want to update your information on the Harrison Church at S.W. 16th and Harrison - It is not abandoned, and hasn't been for about four an half years now, as one of the owners I can confirm this...
One other thing I can also confirm is that the rumors of it being Haunted are not rumors at all, the activity there is real and pretty consistent. As I can not be there on location on a regular basis I hired Caretakers to care for and watch over the building - maybe I should have told them about the Church's reputation before they signed on and moved in, but I did not I decided not to put things in their head that may have otherwise not been there. Well it only took about two weeks before I started getting calls asking me for information on the Church and if there was anything they should know due to some strange things happening in the Chapel. I dispersed some info in small quantities, again not wanting to make a mountain out of a mole hill, however the mountain showed it's face all on it's own, and one of the Caretakers for a lack of a better explanation, was temporarily possessed while someone that claimed to be a former preacher from the 50's sent over a message regarding a double murder that took place in the boiler room and upper loft of the church.. Ooops, guess I should have been a little more forthcoming with my information.
Lucky for me and my business partner the Caretakers have not as of yet been spooked away, in fact they are intrigued and while investigating and trying to verify the information they were given 'that night' they have found a way to live among the 'regulars' that pass back and fourth through the Chapel on a daily basis. Yes it's hard to believe for me also, but what scares some makes others curious - Me? I'm happy in my own home far far away from the Church *smile wink*

Topeka, Kansas

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