Dighton - 501 Johnson Big Spring

   I rented this property years ago.   Poltergeistic activity would occur at 3 AM every morning.   Our Yorkshire terrier would bark and run away from something that could not be seen.   My wife would place curios in the windows facing into the living room and every morning without fail the curios would all be facing out the window as if whatever turned them did not like having eyes looking at it.  No religious items such as crucifixes or pictures of Christ would remain on the walls but would be smashed violently on the floor. About a year ago the house was listed for sale.   I went back to see it one more time.   I asked the woman living there if I could ask her something personal.  I admitted I was not really there from some interest in purchasing the house, but was curious if the house was still haunted.   She immediately began to cry.   The house, and the events that occured there had cost her, her marriage, and some of her sanity.   She describe loud growling noises at night, and things moving on their own.  She had even written "grr" over the entrance of one of the bedrooms.  She wrote it because of a growling sound that could be heard every night emanating from that room.  I remember that, that particular room would be very cold even on days of high west Texas heat.  The house only had an evaporative air conditioner.   The house still stands, and I don't care who you are, you will get a very eery feeling when you enter.   And I would very much not advise being in it at 3 AM.

Dighton, Kansas

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Source: Personal Experience

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