Geneseo - Parkview Country Inn - Augusta Kentucky

This Country inn has been lodging since the early 1800's. It was Originally Gallenstein Tavern, a stage coach stop. Many reports of sightings and haunts from a little boy name Christopher who was traveling by stage coach with his grandparents to meet his parents. his Grandmother along with himself became sick with plague epidemic. knowing that his wife and grandson would not be able to travel, he paid the hotel and left them there to recuperate while he headed to meet Christopher's parents and bring them back to Augusta. The Grandmother survive but little Christopher did not. By the time they made it back to Augusta with Little Christopher's parents, They had went on and buried him. Many sightings of the Christopher seating on the bottom steps waiting for his family to come back to get him. Another sighting here is town policeman. On Christmas Eve 1936, Officer Charles Campbell was killed while trying to apprehend a drunk right in front of the Parkview Country Inn. There is a Memorial Park beside the Inn.

Geneseo, Kansas

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