Geneseo - Holly House

A grandeur upper-middle class home in Pampa Texas had the most "God-Blessed feeling," according to the buyers. The warm and cozy atmosphere created by the chair railing throughout the living area would become a shape shifting nightmare. Countless images of human as well as non-human images would reveal themselves as this God-Blessed place turned dark and threatening...suspicions reveal that the activity may have been spawned by the construction of a storm cellar and a waterfall, disturbing Kiowa - Comanche grounds. The once-proud owner fled for his sanity after a year and a half of increasing harsh physical attacks. Countless friends and workers reported unexplainable experiences there. A powerful deliverance was performed as the house had become too volatile to enter.

Geneseo, Kansas

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Source: Personal Experience

Location should be good!!!

38.4621, -98.01999999999998


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