Lyons - Little boy and girl

At the Cheyenne River Community College, AKA Oglala Lakota College, in the Log House, there is a sighting of a little boy dressed in an older outfit, who crawls toward you, and runs up and down the stairs while people are in class. He then scratches your leg, or waves at you from the table with a hole in it, his face is pale and his eyes are black. He is very fast, he crawls quickly, too. He is also spotted at the downtown Laundromat with his little sister past 12. Some think they died when the train used to go back and forth. Another woman says she saw them standing there waiting for something at 2 AM, dressed in thin coats during the ice cold winter.

Lyons, Kansas

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Source: Personal Experience

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38.46210000000001, -98.28367187499998


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