Geneseo - the hanging

a 15 year oldboy and he was a close friend . Tylar was his name . Tyler was very dipressed after he broke up with his girl friend of 5 years. weeks months went by and she found a guy he found , well he found the hard part of a broken heart . tylar didnt talk after that and he found him self at the hand of a rope ,chair ,celing fan,and nuse his mom walked in me still living up stairs from him ...... SKREEEEEEEEEECH THUMP WHY ... we moved away after the ghost of tylar roammed the building . His funeril was hard to go through with slow breathes . we all miss him and love him to death

Geneseo, Kansas

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Source: Personal Experience

Location should be good!!!

38.516560247824245, -458.1555266571044


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