Warren - Willow Road- Thirteen Graves

on State Road 3 off of Willow road is the old Batson cemetery no one has been buried there since like the late 1960s there is thirteen unmarked graves. As you count them there is thirteen and supposedly if you turn to count them backwards one grave vanishes. No one knows who is buried there. Some believe it is remnants of an old limestone walkway The walkway can be proven with pictures at Huntington library taken of the cemetery in the early 1930s. Also it has a glowing grave at night when you drive by you can see one particular grave glowing at night. Some people have also witnessed an old ragged looking man who is supposed to be the caretaker of the cemetery. He is believed to be the caretaker of a blind school not some 100 ft from the cemetery that was tore down in past years do to deterioration. He would supposedly watch over the cemetery at night after the children were asleep. UPDATE: The cemetery is under surveillance due to numerous complaints of vandalism and destruction you will be escorted off the property and possibly arrested. NO TRESPASSING December 2003 addition They say when there is a full moon you will see a boy with a hatchet that will chase you down the road. They also say that if you throw a rock at a certain grave a girl (one of the thirteen dead) will come out to talk to that person and only that person. About one mile back in the woods near the cemetery is the site of an old house. The old house is where a family of 13 people died from a extremely deadly disease. When the bodies were buried there were too many of the bodies for a proper grave. The bodies were buried and cement pored over the bodies so the disease couldnt escape. There is a light that hovers above one of the graves and it is only visible when all lights are off. One resident has noticed that every time a person walks into the cemetery a tree nearby will make a squeaking sound. To date that tree has done that every time they have walked into the cemetery.

Warren, Indiana

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