San Pierre - Dog Face Bridge

Back in the 1950s a couple were driving over a bridge heading out on their honeymoon When a dog ran out in front of them the couple swerved and ended up driving off the side of the bridge still killing the dog Now there are 2 stories one both died and the there the male died but either way the woman?s head and the dogs head was chopped off and they were unable to find the woman?s body and the dogs head Now it is said as you walk down the path there are 2 bridges the first bridge is weak and very old the second is the one they crashed off It isn?t even there yet you can see the Cement sidings from where it once stood. Supposedly when you go down the path you will see the body of the woman wearing the dogs head if you do not beat her off of the first bridge and back to your car she will kill you by supposedly eating you alive. there have -rumored- been bodies found and people being shot at reported. as you walk you can hear strange animal snorting howls and growls while the entire area is made of swamp and it is a known fact that Wolves and Coyotes do NOT go near swampy areas.

San Pierre, Indiana

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41.1991667, -86.8927778


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