New Haven - Historical City Hall Building

The building was originally built in 1913 and served as the city hall jail and fire station throughout most of the last century. The building is currently being restored by Ellusions Inc. who is currently renting it. Many employees have seen and heard many things in the building. When questioned police officers who used to work there also verified unexplainable events. Ellusions had psychic Sandi Athey tour the building remotely. She described several events that were confirmed by previous tenants. Fort Wayne Ghost Trackers were asked to conduct an investigation which also proved fruitful and confirmed many things posed by Psychic Sandi. The basement has documented cases of different smells and orbs and video of orbs were recorded by the staff of Ellusions and Rumor has it that the basement was once used as a temporary morgue. Orbs were photographed in many rooms throughout the building.

New Haven, Indiana

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41.0706042, -85.0144124


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