Mishawaka - Hacienda Restaurant

Workers claim to hear whispers and see apparitions throughout the old house. It has also been said that the owner of the house shot himself in the basement of the house. Now the maid hung herself in the attic of the house. Well the office to the restaurant used to be in the upstairs part of the house right by the attic. we had a manager say when she used to close up the restaurant she would turn off the lights to the office and turn on the alarm. she would walk away and then look back and the light would be back on so she unscrewed the light bulb an put in the middle of the floor. well she walked away once again and then looked back and the light was back on. well needless to say that room is now closed off. other sayings are that you would be the only person in the bathroom and the lights would go off and on and the water will come on by its self.

Mishawaka, Indiana

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41.6619927, -86.1586156


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