Merrillville & Griffith - Reeder Road

A girl named Elizabeth Wilson drowned in a swamp after the car she was riding in went off the road into a swamp. People say that if you drive down the road at night you can see Elizabeth waiting on the side of the road waiting for a ride back to her house down the road. People who claimed to give her a ride back to her house get as far as Ross cemetery before she disappears. The same cemetery that she was buried in 1955. More history to this road is during heavy mafia activity in Chicago around the 1930s they would dump bodies off this road because it was at the time out of the way and seldom traveled. Most of the bodies were not discovered until the mid sixties when the area started to be developed. Through the late 1980s until the mid 1990s the woods around this road became a popular place to commit suicide. Most people that have killed themselves there were area high school students. There are a few houses still on the road near the main development. Many reports of various apparitions (figures in the woods ghostly lights voices being chased by cars/ creatures). also mostly due to the fact that it is surrounded by woods various animal parts are frequently found along the road. these are odd in the fact that they seem to almost always be placed in the exact center of the road. Never an entire animal like road kill but parts...a head a leg a torso. Usually rabbits or raccoons but household pets have also been reported One person witnessed the head of a large dog a German shepherd or similar large breed positioned in the center of the road. There was no blood and the eyes were open staring down the line of the road.

Merrillville & Griffith, Indiana

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41.5283693, -87.4236497


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