Mecca - Old Man Rivers

It is said that if you go into mecca from the east side past the bridge you will see a rather large man wearing flannel and carrying a weed eater and/or chainsaw. Rumor has it that he will try to get in the car with you. If you let him in hell ask you to take him to that White Horse. He will tell you how hard he works and how little you work. His hands are green from never wearing any gloves. Some people say he has asked to see their hands. If you show him your hands he will say Thems womans hands!! The scariest part of this site is he is real. He is not a ghost. The reason why he asks for a ride is because he is a hobo bum who doesnt have a license.

Mecca, Indiana

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Location Approximate!!! Care to correct it?

39.7272609, -87.330572


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