Indianapolis - Hanna House

it was built by Alexander Moore Hanna he helped with the Underground Railroad. One night one of the oil lamps fell in the basement where the slaves were the house caught fire and burnt all the slaves. The house was restored almost immediately. that?s why it was just recently discovered that this happened. It is said that there are cold chills doors open and close with no help and in one of the upstairs rooms smells of death. strange noises smells and apparitions are observed here. July 2005 Update/Additional Information: It is where the wife of Legislator Hannah gave birth to a stillborn baby. People for years have reported a stench of rotting flesh blood on the ceiling and feelings of dizziness. In the basement where the ghosts of the slaves are reputed to be there is a rats maze for Halloween time. Some of the people who set foot in the doorway of the maze turned right around and went out.

Indianapolis, Indiana

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