Henryville - Dans Run

Daniel Guthrie was murdered and placed in a shallow grave near the corner of Pixley Knob Road and Cemetery Hill (Mountain Grove). Guthries body remained undetected for one year before being found unearthed and reburied in nearby Mt. Zion Cemetery. The hole he was buried in is still open (about 4-feet deep) near the edge of the woods. Homes in the nearby area have experienced sightings of a young man with a large handlebar bushy mustache doors open and close by themselves footsteps walking up and down hallways at night footprints found outside bedroom windows objects moving by themselves and ghostly whispers. Also a tape recorder left on Guthries gravestone in Mt. Zion later revealed a faint haunting mans voice crying Help me God help me please help me...

Henryville, Indiana

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38.5417282, -85.7677438


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