Fort Wayne - Devils Hollow ? Cedar Canyon Road

There is a bridge near the hollow. There have been many stories like a headless horseman boyfriend and girlfriend died when a motorcycle goes over the bridge hangins but here is the real story of it. a woman lived in a house up on a hill by herself. This old woman would speak to a friend about how there was kids that would break stuff on her property sneek up to the windows and look in and overall harass her. They would tell people she was a witch. One night in early 80s these teens set her house on fire and wouldnt let her out of it. The building stood for a while but now all that stands is the chimney. people who go there for a spook show are run off by the ghost of this woman because she feels like they are no better than the teens that killed her. There was no new house built on her hill. After a few years what was left of the house was caveing in and police were down investigating the area so the falling house was tore down and removed but they left the chimney. There is still a police investigation on this. The teens who did this has not been found.

Fort Wayne, Indiana

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41.079273, -85.1393513


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