Goshen - Bashor Children's Home--Lung West Unit

Constructed the late 90s, the Lung/Stull building at Bashor Children's Home houses offices, as well as the Lung East (Secure) and Lung West residential units. Residents and Staff alike in the Lung West side of the building have reported strange happenings, ranging from shadowy figures to the feeling they're being watched. The doors are controlled by a switchboard and doors that are locked one minute will appear unlocked on the board several minutes later. Residents have also reported seeing shadows moving and getting the feeling that someone was behind them watching whatever they were doing. Staff have also gotten eerie feelings and seen shadows move around the hallway and moving across the security cameras. 

3rd shift staff have also seen shadowy figures at the Martin Cottage (on the opposite side of the Bashor campus) on multiple occasions.

Goshen, Indiana

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Source: Personal Experience

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41.589416682988585, -85.90360164642334


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