Wheaton - One 20 Ocean Place

this restaurant use to be a funeral Chapel & now it?s a restaurant. The lights towards the back of the restaurant on the right side of the kitchen tend to dim down all by themselves. When someone is walking up the back staircase(usually only used by employees) you can hear someone walking behind you. In the women?s bathroom as an employee was washing their hands they felt someone looking at them so they glanced out of the corner of their eye & saw someone but when they turned their head to look there was nothing there. In the elevator you can get a sort of uneasy feeling. A group having dinner when they heard a woman?s voice calling my brothers name (my brothers name by the way is very uncommon because it is Irvin)the restaurant wasn?t really full that night the waiter also heard the voice & they continued hearing it through out the night.

Wheaton, Illinois

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41.8661403, -88.1070127


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