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Supposedly there is a mansion in Watseka that is haunted by demon. The story goes that in 1812(early 1800s) there was a 12-year-old girl who had moved in with her family. A short time after she became possessed. They tried exorcising the demon but she eventually died. Her name was Mary. Some years after the family had left the home a new family moved in. Their daughter became possessed as well. February 2004 update: There is actually a book called Watseka that details this. Asa B. Roffs daughter had spirits come through her and was thought to be insane. They bled her regularly trying to treat her (getting rid of the bad blood). She eventually passed away but years later inhabited / possessed the body of another child in the town and actually moved back home with her (Marys) parents until the child?s body was ready for her spirit to return so to speak. Very interesting read most libraries can get it.


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Watseka, Illinois

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