Warsaw - Paytons Place

Its called Payton s place and its very hard to find. From the road in the middle of nowhere you park walk through a path in a corn field through a tunnel like path through trees and come to a small clearing where there is a mass family cemetery plot. It started in the 1950s when a father of a family of 4 came home and proceeded to kill each of his family members in there house then hang him self in the barn. This shortly made news papers and news. The relatives started a family plot in the woods not far from the house and barn which still stands but the house is farther back in the woods and hidden. Left as it was abandoned still with pictures on the wall. So when you come up to this plot there are first 5 small newer tombstones then a catacomb type building about 4 foot tall and 20 by 15 feet wide made with stone then covered with primitive cement mix. Portions of the walls are falling off but from what we can tell the walls are at least 1 1/2 foot thick. In there are the 5 bodies of the Payton family. To the left of that is a larger monument with 6 names on it including born death dates town from and relationship to the family. This is somewhat newer housing other relatives of the Payton family. The barn can still be found where the father hung him self closer to the road.
Then I saw a ghost. EEK!

Warsaw, Illinois

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