Vandalia - Will Hill

you can see orbs of light like candles out in the cemetery one goes off another comes on...about 10 yrs ago there some teenagers out in the cemetery lot and as they were leaving there was a cop following them he pulled them over and told them never to come back and wrote them a ticket...well the next day they went up to pay off there ticket and the people in the court house did nothing but laugh and said the cop had been dead for 30 yrs....the ticket is still in the Effingham court house in the files....also there was a time that 2 people where out there and they had followed a car into the cemetery and the car they followed pulled over and parked....they left and came back a few moments later and the older people were out of the car and the plates said wrd 1910.

Vandalia, Illinois

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38.9606009, -89.0936778


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