Sleepy Hollow - Randall Rd & Route 72

There has been more than one haunting reported here. On one occasion the basement of a house on Jamestowne Rd was said to be haunted with the dead twin of the only girl that was in the family. She can be seen during the night standing behind the furniture or in the back corners. On another occasion in a house by Sleepy Hollow Elementary there has been reported a sighting of a man dressed in a black suit a little boy with brown hair and a green sweater and handprints that would never go away no matter how many times you went over them with paint in the basement. These handprints are pushed out from the cement in a relief. They look like something is in the wall that wants to get out. Footsteps have been repeatedly heard in the hallways.- January 2006 Update: The second areas described can be reached from the corner of Mclean and Thorobred lane. It should be noted that the entire village area is under neighborhood watch and the cops there love to pull people over and issue fines also due to the forest area surrounding it is best not to spend time there unless you know the area as the deer really do love to walk in front of moving vehicles. April 2008 Update This intersection has been ruled as the deadliest intersection in Kane County Illinois. The intersection is not on a curve and normally there is nothing that would obstruct the view of motorists however that intersection has the highest fatality rate in the county.

Sleepy Hollow, Illinois

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