Rockford - Rockford College- McGaw Hall

5th Floor where an epileptic girl died in the bathtub over a Thanksgiving break some years ago is reported to have ghost activity. If you have any information please email us at Haunted Places August 2004 additional information: A cheerleading squad has just came back from a four day cheerleading camp at Rockford College and they stayed on the 6th and 7th floor. In many cases as they took their showers they would hear a girl singing. Also in the bathroom one cheerleader heard a man talking yet could not understand what he was saying when there were no men in the building at anytime during the four days (the janitors were all women). Also in room 607 many times everything on the third shelf from the top fell for no reason sometimes when no one was in the room everything on the shelf was: a box of tissues sandals laying flat and towels. Two cheerleaders stayed in room 603 and they heard walking and the chair sliding across the floor above me in room 703 when no one stayed in that room and the unoccupied rooms are locked and they did not have a key to that room.

Rockford, Illinois

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