Normal - Illinois State University- Williams Hall

Williams Hall was once the first library when ISU was originally built. Angie Milner was the first librarian there. When ISU expanded they erected a new library Milner Library in her name. However the old librarian prefers her original home in the first library now Williams Hall. Workers/visitors say that you can hear footsteps in the small room in Williams where rare and expensive books are still kept. The only way into this room is thru sign-in. So nobody can be in there without the on duty workers permission. Sometimes books are shipped-out to be rebound and after they are placed back in the old room they are found just as tattered as they were before. She stacks books in odd fashions and has been sighted by a handful of workers and students. There have been many occasions where books have been mysteriously pushed one by one onto the floor and people have seen a white object out of the corner of their eye. The library was scanned and measured ad the results were that there was some type of energy or spirit was present.

Normal, Illinois

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