Milan - Milan Manor Apartment Woods

In 1986 a young boy was ran over and killed by a tractor plow. The farmer who was driving the plow reported seeing another boy. The farmer stated the only description he could give of the second boy was he was wearing a red t-shirt blue jeans and had dark brown hair and was around the age of eight. When the neighbors of the deceased boy who resided at Milan Manor Apartments were questioned they reported seeing him last with a young unknown boy fitting the farmers description. There were no reports of the boy in the red t-shirt being seen until 1989. There have been numerous reports of two boys playing in the woods together around dusk. Upon hearing this story a couple of explorers decided to check it out. They took a trip to Milan Manor Apartments parked in the parking lot found a trail that lead into the woods located past the cul-de-sac (circle). They followed the winding trail to a little stream crossed the stream walking over a piece of lumber took the path leading to the right then they came to a fork in the path & decided to take the left path up a hill after we reached the top of the hill we stopped to catch their breath before continuing. As they caught their breath they saw two little boys one of which was wearing a red t-shirt running into the cornfield as they entered the corn field they vanished. Unable to believe what they had just seen they walked toward the cornfield and was unable to find even a footprint but could still hear the laughter of the boys.

Milan, Illinois

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41.453089, -90.5720803


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