Mattoon - Rag Doll cemetery

east off of route 45 south (between Mattoon and Neoga) A young girl around the age of nine was murdered in her own home. She would always carry around a doll with red hair and a blue dress on it. It was referred to as her little Rag Doll. When she was buried her parents placed the rag doll in her coffin. The murderer was never caught and the case was mysteriously dismissed. However to one person the murder was never left alone....Her Rag Doll. Late at night around 12:00 midnight. If you go into the cemetery to her grave there is a tall tree right next to it. Look up and you will see her little Rag Doll hanging with a rope around its neck. However when it becomes daylight the doll disappears. It has been said that the doll is alive and looking for the murderer who killed her best friend so it can get the right REVENGE!!!

Mattoon, Illinois

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39.4830897, -88.3728255


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