Macomb - Super 8 Motel

If you spend the night at the haunted motel you will find lights turning on and off the heat turning off by itself and the door to your room will open up by itself and if thats not bad enough... if you open your blinds not even 20 feet away from your room window very creepy grave yard. March 2008 Additional Information: A former 2nd shift front desk clerk from March 1992 August 1993 experienced several things. The main telephone: all the lights would light up all of a sudden for a few seconds then shut off. This happened several times but there was nothing wrong with the phone itself. They used to hear whistling periodically toward the end of their shift. They would go see who it was and there was never anybody around. The managers apartment was off of the front desk area. At the time the manager did not reside there so it was empty. One night the front desk phone rang. The ring was different so the clerk knew it was coming from a guest room. When they looked to see what room It was coming from the managers apartment! No one was on the line. During the time the clerk worked there someone did commit suicide but report they experienced these things prior to that. It used to be a bar then a pizza place before that. It is true about the cemetery directly behind it. It is a catholic cemetery.

Macomb, Illinois

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40.4592076, -90.6717971


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