Evergreen Park - Evergreen Cemetery

Evergreen Cemetery 87th St.& Kedzie Ave. A young girl 12 to 14 years of age is said to haunt one of the CTA bus stops along 87th St. It is said that she will board a bus at night and go immediately go to the back of the bus without paying the fare. When the driver turns around to tell her to pay the bus is empty. Some drivers of cars on 87th St. have reported seeing heads floating above gravestones( or late night visitors peeking from behind?) and people sitting on some of the stone benches in cemetery at night. As this cemetery has no fence a more mundane explanation could fit. The Writer has seen vehicles drive right off of Kedzie over the curb and into the cemetery at night. This was before this section of the cemetery along Kedzie was sold to the village of Evergreen Park which built a firehouse and a skating rink on the site. The Boundaries of the cemetery are 87th St. to the north 91st St. to the south Kedzie Ave to the east(actually behind the above mentioned firehouse but visible from the street) and the B & O Railroad tracks to the west. On the other side of the tracks is a separate cemetery St. Marys more on that cemetery to follow.

Evergreen Park, Illinois

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