Elmhurst - The old Stone Cottage Pizzeria

At one time it was also called Spaso Speakeasy originally it was a lovely stone manor. Directions to follow the story It is said that long ago the woman that owned it hung herself in the attic/which has been converted to the office/storage space for whatever business inhabits the building. The small basement has been used as a liquor/storage room. The building has several dining areas with fireplaces in each one that have been converted to gas. Employees of then Spaso Speakeasy were almost asphyxiated by gas fumes when setting up before opening one day everybody began to get sick it was later discovered that the gas for the fireplaces had been turned on but not lit. For years employees have complained that the pull chain light switch at the top of the basement stairs gets pulled and the light goes out forcing you to either try maneuvering the stairs in the dark or leave the lower light on if you walk up the stairs and turn it on and go back down to finish what you are doing the light chain gets pulled and the light goes out. There are secret panels and rooms behind the walls that very few people are aware of their purpose is unknown at this time. One in particular is between the front entranceway and the kitchen along the wall to the left. The bar area is particularly active and things disappear and reappear such as a corkscrew that disappeared. After exhaustive searching the manager went out and purchased another one a few hours later the missing corkscrew was simply sitting out in plain sight on the bar in the open. The ghost has been called Mrs. Murphy although it is not known if that was/is the true name and is more like a trickster than a specter. Just an odd note a Halloween party was held in the year 1989 (then Spaso Speakeasy) a raffle was given for door prizes and the first ticket drawn was *0666 No one held that ticket and it was not in sequence with the role of tickets being used. Most/all businesses in this building have failed it is/was near the corner of North Avenue and Route 83 If you start out at the intersection of North and York travel toward Route 83 it is on the right side one business from the corner a Peppers Waterbed Store used to be the business just past it. It is within visual distance of the Golden Pheasant restaurant which is across 83 and on the left. December 2005 correction/Update: The Stone Cottage Pizza building in Elmhurst is still there. It had been converted to a relatively popular bar and grill. That business on westbound North Ave. has failed. There is a sign on it saying scheduled for commercial redevelopment. Parking availability cannot be blamed for its closing. The Golden Pheasant restaurant mentioned in the same spot on the eastbound side of North Ave. still flourishes with the same amount of space. North Ave and Route 83 is reported to be the busiest intersection in the state. March 2007 Update: It is being torn down with two next door establishments and will probably be use for mini-strip mall or something like that. October 2007 Update: It has been demolished.

Elmhurst, Illinois

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