Elkhart - Elkhart Cemetery

the cemetery where Governor Ogelsby is buried. The ghost of his wife visits his tomb. She will be seen sitting outside his tomb for a few minutes when a group of Indian ghosts come up and chase her off across the bridge leading over the road by the cemetery. The woods at the back of the cemetery there?s a fence that separates them with a step stool and sign next to fence. The sign says ?grounds keepers dont wander back here neither should ladies and gents.? Well its a path over the fence going up the hill didnt explore to far up but u can hear voices footsteps through the woods and you can see black apparitions like there watching you. Urban Legend is that at the top of the hill the path branches you have to pick which way to go but you have to pick correctly or you dont come back.

Elkhart, Illinois

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40.0206041, -89.4828792


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