Elgin - Illinois Park School

The school was about 100 years old. People have said that they hear little children crying or laughing by the k.g. area. Down in the basement people said that they hear noise of someone hamming some type of metal. Teachers seem to stick together when going to their class room. During night time people have said that weird things happen in the building. Few years back the school had a vote to build a new school or to remodel the old building students and staff voted for a new school. The school no longer stands and place where it once stood is now a parking lot for the new school. August 2005 Update: This is a popular Urban Legend Hoax. This school was originally built in the 1940s therefore it is not anywhere near 100 years old. The old building was torn down due to asbestos and a need for a larger building as the place was tiny but built in a way that they could not expand upon. They rebuilt it so that it was on a different part of the hill that it was on and now more capable of expansion. This was done back in 2000. The building was recently closed after being open for one year due to the fact the district did not have the funding to keep it open as the Person who was superintendent for the last several Years a Dr. Marvin Edwards retired shortly after playing with the accountants books and it was determined that when he left he took several million dollars with him. Thus the district has had to close down many of its schools to save money. Among the schools were Illinois park and Grant Elementary which was one of the oldest elementary schools in the area being that it was Grant that was the 100-year-old school. Thus the whole thing about Illinois park is not fact.- January 2006 Update: Illinois park just so happens to have been built in 1930s. The original building was torn down as they needed to fit more students in the building than there was room for. The newer building was built in 1999. This building is abandoned at the moment due to lack of funding by school District U46 to keep it open. basement in the old building was a large open area used only as storage. The only people that could go back and forth in the basement were the janitors. Though the building is abandoned it is on land owned by the district and the Elgin Police department is constantly on the premises. It is recommended that unless you want to be confronted by a cop that you stay away from the place.WARNING:If there is anyone that is planning on doing anything in any of those locations they must be sure that they have permission first else they will be arrested.

Elgin, Illinois

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