Elgin - Channing Memorial Elementary School

Everything from cold spots to apparitions to footsteps from the upper floor (when you are alone in the building)has been reported here. When an addition was built on to the building over 13 skeletons were found in the ground under which the school was built. Most of them estimated to be children ages ranging 10 to 17 years of age. if you enter this building after dark be prepared to hear voices whispering in your ear as well as screaming from the upper floor(it all seems to be centered around the upper floor)doors that open and close by themselves and an elevator that operates itself! Many night custodians have fled Phe building in the middle of their shift leaving personal belongings scared to death refusing to tell what they saw or heard. And refusing to ever enter the building again.- August 2005 Update/Additional information: There are 3 common grave stones that can be easily seen and at this time most stones have now been removed from the hill. The Cemetery was mostly children but the ages were between stillborn and 10 with some adult graves. The best-known grave that is still intact was from an old man that worked at the Elgin Watch factory in the early 1900s. The school itself was founded and built over the cemetery in 1968.- January 2006 Update: Graves still exist here. The Local School District U46 that owns the school had in the past removed only a few graves(Just enough to build a basement) and left everything else. In the 1990s they dug up a total of 8 skeletons in the area where they were going to expand the building. They also at the same time finally removed stones from the hill though it is unlikely that they bodies were moved with as no digging took place for that assignment but there is fresh sod on the hill. Another fact is that the majority of the graves were not children but adults. One of the few remaining graves being of a man that was older but worked at the Elgin Watch Factory in the Early years of the town. There is another fact. When the school was first built in 1968 a house on its boundary took many of the stones from the site and used them in the foundation of the house that was being built. This is a true haunted site. Tresspassers will be arrested

Elgin, Illinois

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