Oak Forest - Bachelors Woods

you walk in to the woods in the Bachelors woods and the trees seem to hold you back from going in. all of the deer and mice stay away from where the old houses was and the grave yard makes you feel like your being looked at but no one is there. the trees seen to be moving in on you as you go to the grave yard. in the day time if you go there you feel some thing. And at night some times you see stuff. A hole house that is not there anymore. And a women with a baby. as you go in the woods you see deer tracks all over the place but not one by the where the old houses was or in the grave yard. And once there you feel like some one is always there but one is there.


The first burial was in 1844 and the last one in 1989. The original name of the cemetery was Everdon’s. The cemetery was pretty busy from 1844 until 1965, and then no one was buried there until the last burial in 1989. The period between 1965 and 1989, the cemetery was left untouched and since 1989 it was left abandoned. 

During the 1960’s the cemetery was vandalized and the cemetery had to be closed to preserve history in 1965. However, this did not help the cemetery to be a quiet resting place. The rumors are that the cemetery during the 1970’s became home to many satanic and occultist groups that performed many rituals and ceremonies, and of course, vandalized the entire cemetery and even stole tombstones. 

Some of the mysterious sightings include a phantom white farmhouse that appears and disappears along the gravel trail to the entrance of the cemetery. Many people have seen this old white farmhouse in several different places along the trail and it has been seen during daylight and nighttime.

Near the cemetery and just past the fence that encircles the cemetery is a small lagoon. It is believed that this lagoon or pond was a favorite dumping ground for Chicago gangsters or at least for those that crossed them. People have reported seeing a two headed monster and a farmer with a horse drawn wagon near the pond. 



Oak Forest, Illinois

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