Clarendon Hills - The Country House restaurant

It is said that a young women with her child came into the bar one night upset and alone. She became angry when she asked the bartender if she could leave the baby in his care while she went out do some things. He refused fearing that she was going to abandon her child. She then stormed out of the restaurant and sped away in her car. A few miles down the road the women and her child were found dead in a car accident. Nobody knows whether she intentionally rammed her car into the tree or is was just an accident. Many people (mainly the employees) have felt or seen the ghost. She haunts the upstairs storage area where the lockers and dry supplies are. She has locked people inside the room flickered lights on and off and broke many dishes and glasses.

Clarendon Hills, Illinois

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41.7975307, -87.9547835


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