Sleepy Hollow - Saddle Club Estates Subdivision

Every night around 11-11:30 PM a ghost of a girl comes out in a house on Saratoga Parkway. Cabinet doors are usually heard opening and closing followed by footsteps going upstairs. The ghost has shown itself to the homeowners and their children on several occasions. It was last seen on October 5, 2014 in the master bedroom. After the homeowners awoke, the ghost turned around and ran into the master bathroom where it vanished. 

The homeowners are not original to the house, it has been suspected by the homeowners that it is looking for the original owners of the house.  Where the original owners went after the sale is unknown, however after looking at police records, the previous homeowner was arrested for murder.

Sleepy Hollow, Illinois

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Source: Personal Experience

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42.08655947573969, -88.30602600097654


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