Oswego - Johnson Road House

Back in the 50's, an old family consisting of a dog, a baby girl, a wife, and a husband was sitting down at dinner. The husband had been having a rough few months and arguments with the wife had been building up anger. The husband got up and left the dinner table. The wife, not wanting to disrespect or anger her husband more, left it alone and got up and startred doing dishes. The husband comes up behind her and shoots her with a shotgun. The husband then takes the baby upstairs into the baby room and shoots her, and soon after, takes the dog into the basement and cuts its head off. No one had heard the gunshots. As time went by, the husband started leaving notes around the home because he thought that if the ghosts of his family were around, he would be able to talk to them that way. Eventually, the husband realized the horror of his actions and took his own life. Supposedly a neighbor heard the gunshot and contacted the police. The police went to home and saw the terror that took place. They were so disturbed that all they did was carry out the bodies and boarded up the babies room. This can all be confirmed with newspaper articles,etc. The story I have just written was put together by the police from all the the notes that was left around the home.

From my own personal experience, I can inform you that this residence is extremely haunted, dark, and is negative. The murders that took place may have opened up doors to darker entities. If you plan on checking out this location, be careful.

Oswego, Illinois

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Source: Personal Experience

Location should be good!!!

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