Wallace - Ghost Town

In the old mine there was a big rock fall in 1890. 78 miners died in the incident. Miners often say the rock fall was caused by a man with a load of dynamite seeking revenge with a person in the mine. After the event was over the mine was shut down for about a year. After that they figured it wouldnt happen again. Miners claim to have seen figures in windows looking out at them. They describe the figure as a middle-aged man with a trucker hat. His skin is a dark gray. In some cases miners have heard a screeching sound and then seeing flashes of gray and black and a high-pitched scream. Also miners claim to have been hit hard across the head with a hard rock. BUT it is a good idea to go to the mine. ?

Wallace, Idaho

There are 67 Haunts nearby

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47.4740945, -115.9279387


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