Murtaugh - Sidewinders Bar & Grill

Sidewinders was built in 1908.? Murtaugh its townspeople nearby Milner damn and irrigation workers as well as Union Pacific workers suffered losses and unimaginable hardships back then.? For most of its existence this historic building served as the towns main gathering spot message center watering hole gamblin joint not to mention place of ill repute.? Through the years many have witnessed a passing shadow heard laughter or tuned in to the saloons piano playing at a distance.? These experiences most generally happen at different times when patrons clear leaving one sometimes two people to witness.?? Most notably and occurring frequently the volume of the stereo or jukebox will peak to the max without warning or help from anyone close by. Rich in history and revered as a place to unwind visit and relax no haunting experience at Sidewinders has ever been deemed threatening violent or harmful.???

Murtaugh, Idaho

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42.4924139, -114.1622508


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