Lewiston - Lewiston Civic Theatre

Several years ago two girls were murdered in the theatre which used to be a church. Also that night the janitor disappeared and they still cant find him to this day. At night you can see the youngest girl climb up the stairs. She will also play tricks on you. There is also a phantasm there of a woman who was left at the altar when it was a church. You can see her roam through the seats crying. Also one of the old directors who passed away will sometimes come in late at night and sit down to watch a play. Strange feeling can be felt all around. September 2004 addition: there are at any given time no less than 70 spirits in the theatre. Theres a trap door in the light booth that goes up to the rafters that has opened on its own. Lights turn on and off on their own. The chandelier spins in one direction for ten minutes stops for five and starts spinning is the same direction. Visitors lit candles on stage. Some blew out on their own. The ones that didnt blow out didnt burn when you put your hand in the flame. There was wailing that started from stage right and moved inhumanly fast to stage left. Floorboards move inexplicably. All the spirits there are harmless of course but its still an exhilerating experience.

Lewiston, Idaho

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46.4004089, -117.0011889


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