Lapwai - Nez Perce Head Start Program

it is a two story red brick building with a 100 x 50 foot courtyard in the middle. It is located on the west side of an open field which is about the size of a football field. Directly across from this building (on the eastern-most side) used to stand an identical building which burned down about 20 years ago. Finally on the northern-most part of the field is another building which was part of the other two which has since been remodeled into the local school districts office. The point behind all of this is that these buildings were once used as offices dormitorys and also a TB hospital and sanitarium by the U.S. Calvary during the early settlement days. This area was called Ft. Lapwai. The building has now been remodeled-extensively- and contains a total of 11 head start classes with 4 of those classes for the ages of 0-3 years. it is these downstairs baby rooms that have some of the most activity one particular incident occurred about a year ago conveniently around Halloween! The last persons out of the building are usually the janitors. They usually run a check thru to make sure all of the night. early the next morning the first person downstairs in the morning is the lead teacher. When he arrived in the morning there was childrens reading books put into two separate lines on the floor side-by-side leading from one room to the office. No one had been in the building nothing was missing toys are often found as if they had been played with-after they had been put away lights have been witnessed downstairs apparitions have been seen rocking chairs move without anyone in them and other strange occurrences. Other rooms also have activity but one room seems to have the most.

Lapwai, Idaho

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46.4048865, -116.8048733


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