Idaho Falls - Rose Hill cemetery

There are two stories associated with Rose Hill cemetery the first is in regards to a large square monument. Rumor says that if you knock on this large above ground tomb that the inhabitant will knock back at you. The second states that there is a monument that says the name Wolf and has a large bite taken out of it. It is rumored to be the grave of a werewolf. May 2005 Update: A visitor investigated this site and reports concerning the tomb we only found one that matched the description of the tomb of which we knocked on but sadly there was no reply secondly after looking through the cemetery we could not find any stone with bite/scratch marks though we didn?t look through all of it so the wolf headstone could still be real April 2008 The description of the warewolf haunting comes as a result of 2 graves side by side in the Rose Hill Cemetery. One of a gentleman by the last man of Wolff and the other a gentleman by the name of Wear. The cemetery has since removed one of the headstones to a new location in the cemetery.

Idaho Falls, Idaho

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43.4665808, -112.0341374


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