Coeur DAlene - Senor Froggy

March 2008 update: Has been torn down to make way for town homes. This favorite Old Town Mexican restaurant is built around an original structure that stood in the original old town of Coeur DAlene near the lake. Restaurant workers often see shadows and feel a strange cold presence while retrieving supplies in the cellar. Rumors have it that a construction worker lost his life when he fell while the foundation was being poured. His saw was left between the wall where he is said to have fallen. Last sighting was 7-06-2002. Public restrooms are across the basement hall from the stockroom where the shadows are spotted at any time of day. Guests will often be seen making a running exit up the basement stairs without any explanation. The most common remark to the restaurant manager is: You know that basement is really creepy!

Coeur DAlene, Idaho

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