Lovilia - Stoneking Cemetery

Trees in the back of this cemetery are dangerous. The story was that anyone that walked behind these trees and see Stone King sitting on his grave then they would die Rumor is a man did see him & week later in a motorcycle accident.


- December 2003 update/addition: Stoneking Cemetery was a family plot for members of the Stoneking family. The submitter of the correction believes that the headstone of Joseph Stoneking was featured in the original Children of the Corn movie but would need to verify that. Words on the headstone seem to indicate that the reader of the stone will be joining Joseph down below in hell. Then ending of the epitaph is: As you are now I once was. As I am now you soon will be. So come face death and follow me. It is said that nobody can climb the stairs of the abandoned family home located on the property...something ALWAYS stops you from succeeding Sightings of people with horrible burns and missing hands are rumored to have occurred repeatedly in the area.


- February 2004 addition. There arent any remains of the old family house. There also arent any graves behind the trees. There are a lot of strange happenings though. There is a bright light that comes at you.


-September 2011 update.  The trees in the back of the cemetery have been cut down.

This is an 8MM film that was shot in 1974. It shows the old abandoned Joseph Stoneking house which was located about 1 mile north of the Stoneking Cemetery near Williamson Iowa. The house is no longer standing.


Lovilia, Iowa

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