Sioux City - Sioux City Auditorium

A former worker for 10 years reports: The building was constructed in a period of 10 years during the 1940s the date of completion was possibly 1950. Upon starting the older employees would always talk of Rodriguez. He was one of 2 resident ghosts in the building. There was actually a building electrician that died in the late 50s by the name of Rodriguez. In those days they had to manually lubricate high-powered electrical connections before they would have a show. Rodriguez as the building electrician was responsible for this. One day before a show he turned of the power to the electrical junction so he could perform his duty. He told another employee that he would be done in 10 minutes and that the other employee could then turn the power back one. Well the other employee waited the 10 minutes and turned on the power. 2 hours later Rodriguez wife showed up with a new suit for him because it was his birthday. They searched the building and found him dead by the electrical box electrocuted. He haunts the building to this day with flickering lights and lights turning on when they?re not supposed to as well as just a general coldness in the area of his death. The other ghost is that of a 12-year-old boy. He and his friend in the early 60s climbed up on the roof of the building to hunt pigeons. He became separated from his friend and his friend left thinking he was gone already. The missing child was not found for 2 weeks until a foul smell was detected at the bottom a roof exhaust that was meant for a boiler that was never installed. The total fall was over 150 feet And the shaft was hastily completed with many sharp edges and exposed rebar jutting into it. It was not a pretty sight. He frequents the roof doors and the bottom of the shaft. When you enter the roof you can hear screams as you get closer to the area of the fall. The bottom of the shaft is gone now but still it is very cold in the general area and even through the banter of the HVAC system you can hear faint crying.

Sioux City, Iowa

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