Sioux City - KD Station

The building was originally built around 1915 as a state-of-the-art meat packing plant. However shortly after it was built the company went bankrupt. It was later purchased by Swift and Co. who operated a packing operation in it for many years. In 1949 however a gas leak caused an explosion that killed a number of people. Later after Swift moved out it was purchased and made into a shopping center that included store shops a bowling alley and miniature golf course. A friend that worked as security and also operated a martial arts studio in the building reported a number of strange happenings. There at one time was a terrace that was had lights that required them to be unscrewed to turn off. One night he turned them off and proceeded to close the two doors that were required to be entered to get back into the building. He reported that something made him get the urge to turn around and he seen that all the nights were back on. In the time it took him to go back inside there was no way someone would have time to screw back in all the lights and there was no on/off switch for these lights. He also reported times when it seemed the elevators were moving when they really were not. This happened to other patrons also. For many years the owners of the building used to print on their brochure Paul Pulaski our in house ghost welcomes you for more information go to: Disasters | Sioux City History

Sioux City, Iowa

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