Mount Pleasant - The Medium security Prison

This building used to be a Mental hospital and was built in the middle 1800s. It consists of an old stone center building with newer brick wings extending off the center to the east and west. Before it was converted to a prison in the 1980s a former worker on the 11pm to 7am shift on the top floor in the middle ward on the east wing. There were Offices and group rooms in the ward to the west of ours and the ward to the east was empty. When they first started working that unit quite a few of the coworkers asked them things like ?arent you afraid to work on that unit its so creepy up there and have you ever seen anything up there.? Not understanding their questions until one night when a terrible racket began on the empty unit. The only way it can be described is the sound of heavy metal furniture being dragged across the floor and slammed into the connecting door and wall. It shook the walls and actually woke up the patients on a few occasions. When it was searched the empty unit was always empty and looked like nobody had been in there for years. Apparitions have been seen in the halls.

Mount Pleasant, Iowa

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40.9669444, -91.5511111


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